Welcome to the Daimler Enthusiasts Club


Club Patron - Lord Montague of Beaulieu


 Club Patron - Lord Montague of Beaulieu

Founder - John Nash 1989

  Firstly  I would like to extend a very warm welcome to you as a Daimler & Lanchester owner and i would like to tell you about the Daimler Enthusiasts Club. if you are you keen to keep your Daimler or Lanchester on the road - or perhaps put one back on the road, which has sadly and unnecessarily been laid up?  If you love your old Daimler or Lanchester, why not give it the things it needs.

The Club can help you give a new lease of life to your Car. After 45 years of involvement with Daimlers & Jaguars and  Lanchesters . Many realize that as some of the older models for example the Daimler Conquest, were no longer supported with parts or technical information and that is where a real need for Parts and support to service for these wonderful old vehicles, We can help with lots of information and Parts over the last 30 years our stores has grown we have parts from 1930's onwards and we have invested heavily over the last 25 years in remanufacturing of many Rare Parts and many of the popular parts to help keep these cars on the road. Theres Not much we Don't have these days.

The club caters for Daimler & Lanchester's from 1930 to 1975.